• FXCM Launches WhatsApp Support

    FXCM now offers WhatsApp support to our clients! Simply add our WhatsApp number to your contacts (+44 7537 432259) or click here and reach out to us from Sunday at 5pm EST to Friday at 5pm EST.

Why did my trade open/close?

At the top of your trading platform click on the Report button to view your Combined Account Statement. On the statement the “Condition column indicates the order type that closed the trade. The “Created By” column indicates where the order originated. For example, if the trade was created via a market order from your username and password, you will see “Mkt” in the “Condition” column and your account number will be listed in the “Created By” column. If trades were closed via Margin Call you will see “MC” in the “Condition” column and the FXCM server name will be listed in the “Created By” column.

Below is a key to common abbreviations: 

  • O = Open 
  • Mkt = Market Order 
  • C = Close 
  • S = Stop loss 
  • S(t) = Trailing Stop 
  • L = Limit 
  • SE = Stop Entry 
  • LE = Limit Entry 
  • MC = Margin Call
  • TX = Transfer