• FXCM Launches WhatsApp Support

    FXCM now offers WhatsApp support to our clients! Simply add our WhatsApp number to your contacts (+44 7537 432259) or click here and reach out to us from Sunday at 5pm EST to Friday at 5pm EST.

Can I use my MT4 username in Trading Station?

All FXCM MT4 usernames are also compatible with FXCM’s award winning Trading Station platform. To login, simply download Trading Station, select ‘Real’ Or ‘Demo’ on the login screen, and enter your MT4 credentials.

Due to an MT4 account’s configuration, all orders will execute as FOK (Fill or Kill) orders. For GTC (Good 'Til Canceled) and IOC (Immediate or Cancel) orders, please create a Trading Station account on MyFXCM.com. Trailing stops, one-click trading, OCO orders, and range entry orders will also not function while using an MT4 account within Trading Station. For more information, please contact an FXCM representative.