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Which server do I use on MetaTrader 4?

If you are unsure of the server your account is set up for, please confirm the specific server from the email we sent to you with your username and password.

For example,

If you receive "No connection", or your charts say "Waiting for update" try logging in with your specific alternative server. 

Locate the server you normally use from the table below, and manually type in the "Alt. Server Address" in the Server select within the login screen. 



Account Denomination Server Name Server Address
USD FXCM-USDReal01 mt4r01.fxcorporate.com:443
USD FXCM-USDReal02 mt4r06.fxcorporate.com:443
USD FXCM-USDReal03 mt4r09.fxcorporate.com:443
USD FXCM-USDReal04 mt4r10.fxcorporate.com:443
USD FXCM-USDReal05 mt4r11.fxcorporate.com:443
USD FXCM-USDReal07 mt4r13.fxcorporate.com:443
USD FXCM-USDReal08 mt4r14.fxcorporate.com:443
USD FXCM-USDReal09 mt4r17.fxcorporate.com:443
EUR FXCM-EURReal01 mt4r02.fxcorporate.com:443
JPY FXCM-JPYReal02 mt4r07.fxcorporate.com:443
GBP FXCM-GBPReal01 mt4r04.fxcorporate.com:443
AUD FXCM-AUDReal01 mt4r05.fxcorporate.com:443
CAD FXCM-CADReal01 mt4r08.fxcorporate.com:443

Account Denomination Server Name Server Address
USD FXCM-USDDemo01 mt4d01.fxcorporate.com:443
USD FXCM-USDDemo02 mt4d06.fxcorporate.com:443
EUR FXCM-EURDemo01 mt4d02.fxcorporate.com:443
GBP FXCM-GBPDemo01 mt4d04.fxcorporate.com:443
AUD FXCM-AUDDemo01 mt4d05.fxcorporate.com:443