Which indicators show Support and Resistance?

Support and Resistance indicators include:

  • Pivot – “Pivot Levels”
    • The indicator shows pivot point and the last period levels. This can show areas where these is possible support or resistance.
  • BB – “Bollinger Band”
    • This provides a relative definition of high and low based on standard deviations and a simple moving average. Essentially, this helps to bracket price action.
  • Donchian Channels
    • This indicator is used to identify price breakouts above or below recent price history. The indicator plots recent high and low price boundaries.
  • ATR – “Average True Range”
    • This can measure market volatility per N number of periods.
  • EW – “Elliot Wave”
    • The created waves can generate BUY and SELL signals.

How to add indicators in Trading Station or MetaTrader 4.