How do I install an indicator from FXCMAPPS?

To install an indicator to Trading Station that you downloaded from FXCM Apps, please follow these steps:

  1. Completely log out of your Trading Station and close the platform. 
  2. Open the downloaded zip-file and double click on the folder name of the indicator
    • *(To locate yourdownloads, click on "Start" -> "Computer" -> "Downloads", then click on the downloaded zip-file --ie
  3. Double click on the “setup.exe” to launch the Install wizard.
  4. Once the install wizard is complete, open your FXCM Trading Station and log in.
  5. Open a Chart and right click anywhere on the chart
  6. Choose "Add indicator"
  7. Select the downloaded indicator from the list (it may located at the bottom of the indicator list)

*Please note that if your Trading Station is not completely closed, the Indicator may not automatically show up in the indicators list after you install it.