The underlying instrument of the BUND, the Euro-Bund Futures Index portfolio, holds the nearest maturity Euro-Bund Futures contract and consists of German government bonds.

Margin Requirements

Can be viewed in the dealing rates and create order windows on the trading station, or by using the CFD Product Guide 

Trading Hours

Please click here for trading hours.

Please note, however, that hours are subject to change based on Daylight Savings Time. Also, Friedberg Direct’s Index Products do not expire, but Friedberg Direct indices will not be open for trading during holidays in which the reference markets are closed.

Target Spread

The BUND has a target spread of 3 pips/points.

Max Contract Size

The maximum number of contracts per click (trade) for BUND is 500.

Minimum Pip Cost (Value)

The BUND has a minimum value of 0.10 per point (Your per point value may be different if your account is denominated in a different currency. Please refer to the Simple Dealing Rates Window in Trading Station for this value).

The pip/point location is shown below. Each 0.01 price movement on the BUND is 1 pip/point. Friedberg Direct’s pricing displays an additional decimal place - ideal for scalpers in a fast-moving market.

Number of Friedberg Direct Contracts to Equal 1 Future

100 Friedberg Direct BUND Contracts are currently equivalent to one Euro-Bund Future.

Other Information

The BUND has no financing cost (Rollover).

The BUND currently has a minimum stop distance of 5 pips (.05).