Are there expirations for CFDs?

Energy CFDs, which include UK Oil, US Oil, and NGAS have a monthly expiration. Treasury CFDs, like Bund, have a quarterly expiration. Copper, the only metal with an expiration, expires every two months. All other CFD contracts will be treated like a cash product with no expiration, similar to trading Forex with Friedberg Direct. Like Forex, there is no need for a trader to manually roll over his positions. Friedberg Direct will do this as a convenience to the trader. It is important to note that CFD prices can be impacted when contracts roll over in the futures market, as during rollover time there tends to be greater volatility in the market for the underlying asset.
Energy, Copper, and Treasury CFDs are the exception to this rule, since they expire monthly, every other month or quarterly. Any trader with positions in Energy, Copper and Treasury CFDs at the end of expiry time will see all his open positions automatically closed, and his profits or losses realized in his account. He can open his Energy, Copper and Treasury CFDs in the next month once trading resumes. For further details of the Energy, Copper and Treasury CFDs expiration process and an expiration calendar, please consult the CFD Product Guide.

Expiration Table: