Is CFD trading limited to certain hours?

The hours for each CFD are determined by Friedberg Direct's Trading Desk based on the schedule for trading on the exchange for the underlying market, commodity, or asset. A CFD can only be traded during its designated trading time

Please refer to the CFD Product Guide for specific hours for each instrument.

Friedberg Direct aims to open and close markets as close to the posted trading hours as possible, however the lack of liquidity at or around market open and close for any CFD instrument can impede execution and price delivery. Friedberg Direct may delay market open or bring forward market close on specific instruments in an effort to protect clients from quoted prices or executions that are not representative of the true market price. 

Traders are advised to use extreme caution around market open and close and to utilize Friedberg Direct's basic and advanced orders types to mitigate execution risk. Based on the illiquidity illustrated during these time periods traders using market orders can experience slippage, or gaping in prices that can have a material impact on your final execution price.