What are the costs and fees involved with trading CFDs?

Friedberg Direct is compensated by a markup which is added to the spreads it receives from its liquidity providers which is most traders' main cost of trading. The Spread is the difference between the Buy Price and the Sell Price for any instrument, and is displayed in pips. Friedberg Direct quotes tight spreads, which you can view at any time in the Dealing Rates window of your Trading Station.

CFDs Spread

There are also nightly financing debits and credits that are applicable. These debits and credits apply to all positions held at 5 pm Eastern US Time, just like on a Forex position. You can see how much you will pay or earn for every contract held at 5 pm in the RollS and RollB fields in your Trading Station's Dealing Rates window. You can read more about how Finance Charges are calculated in the CFD Product Guide