How do I see the Bid and Ask Prices in the Trading Station platform?

In order to see the ask chart on Trading Station please follow these steps:

  1. Open the chart and timeframe that you would like to see the ask prices for
  2. In the top tool bar locate the buttons that say “Bid” and “Ask” (TSII Desktop) or the buttons with arrows (TS Web)
  3. Select the chart type that you would like to see.

Bid Versus Ask: The ask price indicates the price that buy (Long) trades open and sell (Short) trades close. Anytime you buy into or out of a position, you're doing so at the ask prices. The bid price is exactly the opposite, where sell (Short) trades open and buy (Long) trades close. Think of it as 'bid - bank buys', which means you are always going to be selling a position at the bid prices.