Can I trade from the charts?

Yes! The Marketscope 2.0 charts inside the Trading Station platform lets you analyse charts, make trades, and track positions all on one screen.
To trade directly from the Marketscope charts:
  1. Right click inside the body of the chart.
  2. Click on "Create a Market Order" or "Create an Entry Order".
  3. The appropriate order window will display. Update all fields related to your order including the Symbol, Sell/Buy, Amount and Price (entry orders only).
  4. Click "OK" to submit your order.
  5. The order will display as an entry order or open position on the Marketscope charts.
  6. Once market orders are executed, the new position created will display as an open trade on the Marketscope charts. Entry orders will display as a pending order on the Marketscope charts.
  7. For your convenience, any open positions can be managed or closed from the Marketscope charts or from the appropriate window in the Trading Station platform.

Friedberg direct VIDEO LIBRARYTrading from the Charts (01:00)

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