How do I deposit funds?

Please log in to MyFXCM with your live account username and password, then click "Deposit Funds". (For clients who have filled out the online application but have not received an account username, please deposit funds here. A username will be provided after the initial deposit is processed.)
The available funding options and deposit time frames are:
Credit or Debit Card:
Approximately one business day, often less to process into your trading account.
Bank Wires:
Approximately one to two business days (domestic) and three to five business days (international), often less, to arrive and process into your trading account.
Credit or debit card can be the fastest and easiest method to deposit funds online. If your deposit exceeds 10,000 CCY or equivalent, the fastest and easiest method to deposit funds is by bank wire.
The minimum deposit for use of our online credit card or debit card system is 50 CCY. The maximum credit or debit card deposit is 10,000 CCY or the equivalent per calendar month.
There are no administrative fees from Friedberg Direct to deposit funds.*
* There is a one-time account processing fee of 100 CCY [10,000 JPY] for the onboarding of Corporate, Partnership and Trust accounts. This fee will be waived with an initial deposit of 10,000.00 CCY [1,000,000.00 JPY] or greater.