What are Articles of Incorporation?

This is an official document listing all of the details regarding the creation and operations of the corporation. This document must be certified. Items that should be included are:
  • The purpose for the entity.
  • A list of directors, officers, members, and shareholders/owners.
  • The powers of the directors, officers, members, and shareholders/owners (voting, investing, etc.).
  • The mode and form in which the business of the company is to be carried out.
  • The mode and form in which changes to the internal regulations and/or structure of the entity can be made.
  • Proof of execution (signature and date of execution).

This document may also be referred to as an Operating Agreement or Corporate By-Laws.

Friedberg Direct does not establish account relationships with entities that issue "Bearer Instruments."
  • Bearer instruments are wholly owned by the person who physically holds the bearer document and the issuing firm neither registers the owner of the stock, nor tracks transfers in ownership.
  • Please ensure that your corporate documents indicate that your entity is allowed to only issue "Registered forms of ownership."