How can I see multiple charts on Trading Station Web?

To create a multiple charts on Trading Station Web 2.0:
1.    Click on the button that looks like a plus sign 

2.    Click on it to see three options:

3.    Click on Add the Tabbed Charts. The tabbed charts widget works similarly to a normal chart, except it has an area at the top where you can add more charts to the same widget.  

You can add multiple tabbed charts to your platform if you desire. This widget allows you to layer multiple charts, tables, and other widgets together into the same box using tabs. You can make this docker widget full screen and add any data from the other widgets into it, so it works as an alternative to the infinite grid layout with the widgets spread across it. This way you don`t need to scroll up and down or sideways to see all of your widgets, since they’ll all be accessible via the tabs.