How do I create and edit a Watchlist?

Create Watchlist:

Once you have selected the instruments you need, you can save your selection as a Watchlist by going to View -> Watchlists -> Save Watchlist. You can name this watchlist whatever you would like and type a description if needed. Once you click ‘OK’ the watchlist is saved to later reference if you need to go back to that particular selection of instruments.

Alternatively, you can save a watchlist from the manage symbol subscription window as well:


Edit Watchlist:

To edit a Watchlist, you can add or remove the symbols you prefer first. After doing this, you can save the updated Watchlist by going to View -> Watchlists - > Save Watchlists and use the same name as before to save over the old copy. This will update the Watchlist with the symbols you added or removed. 

This is an image showing how to save a watchlist after editing it in Trading Station